Tools & Utensils

category-tools-equipmentCooking utensils are tools used in cooking or food preparation as well as for serving and eating prepared foods. There is a wide variety of tools and utensils used in all the different cooking traditions of the world. These items are the pots, pans, and dishes used in stoves, ovens, and other cooking devices for cooking food. Then there is all the various knifes that you find in cutlery, the spatulas, spoons, forks, and various other utensils that can be used to prepare, serve or eat meal.

Wok This Way

Posted January 22, 2019 | By

There are plenty of different pans for you to use to cook, so why then do you need a wok? A wok provides lots of flexible cooking options, for one, especially if you pick the right pot, including size and material. But before you dive into a bunch of brand-new wok recipes, you must season your pan. There are six simple but essential steps, which will help your pot be useful over the years. In ...

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Microwave Rice Cooker

Picture of Microwave Rice Cooker

Anybody that knows how to cook rice probably learned to do it one of two ways. Either using a pot or a rice cooker appliance. Both of these methods leave a lot to be desired at times. This is because neither of these methods is an entirely efficient or convenient way of preparing rice. Then again nothing is ever entirely perfect. One thing is for sure. When dinner is ready, there is nothing worse than ...

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