Explore the Cost of Eating Out Around the World In This Interactive Map

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Love eating out? Like to eat out abroad? If the ability to get good food at the right price affects where you choose to go on holiday, this interactive map is for you.  Featuring more than forty of the world’s most popular (and not so popular) destinations, this colourful, interactive map will show you the average cost of eating out at three different price points, as well as offering need-to-know tips and facts such as ‘if (in Italy) someone stands outside and tries to tempt you in, it’s probably a tourist trap’, and ‘(in Nepal) you should not handle anyone else’s food, eat from anyone else’s plate, and should pass food with your right hand’.

Even if you’re not going abroad anytime soon, this map is a great educational tool and lots of fun – just move your mouse over the map and start exploring (almost) every culinary corner of the world! 

This is an interactive guide to eating out around the world, by The Gourmet Society

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The Cost of Eating Out Around the World – an infographic by the team at The Gourmet Society

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