Measurement Calculator

Perform measurement conversions automatically using our Measurement Calculator. This tool can convert standard measurements to metric measurements and vice versa. The measures that this tool can convert are length, weight, volume, temperature, and area.


  1. Choose the unit you want to convert from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the From unit type in the list on the left.
  3. Select the To unit type in the list on the right.
  4. Enter the numerical amount you want to convert in either the From or To field.
  5. Look at the Results field below to see the results of your conversion.

You can also calculate fractions using the measurement calculator. For example if you type the fraction 12 into one of the input fields, one half will be the output calculation. The same goes for any other fractions such as 34, 13, or 38. However this does not work as well with whole numbers and factions combined so be sure to convert fractions and whole numbers separately. Another trick you can use with this useful tool is to convert some measurements of one type into another type. For example you can convert standard or metric weight measurements into ounces. Then using the volume measurement calculator you can convert the equivalent of fluid ounces into cups, pints, tablespoons, etc. Doing it this way does not always result in equivalent measurement conversions but it works good for cooking application where things don’t always have to be quite so exact.

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