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This is a collection of quotes about food from Cat Cora.

Posted July 28, 2019

“My Mom always cooked healthy. Greek food lends itself to cooking healthy.”

Cat Cora
Posted January 6, 2019

“I think the biggest thing is clean as you go. Wash all your knives, cutting boards, dishes, when you are done cooking, not look at a sink full of dishes after you are done. Cleaning as you go helps keep away cross contamination and you avoid having food borne bacteria.”

Cat Cora
Posted August 29, 2018

“It’s fun to pick a cuisine and say I’m going to research Ethiopian food, and see what it’s all about. You find that there are a lot of similarities in cuisines from around the world and a lot of similar flavors.”

Cat Cora
Posted April 25, 2017

“We incorporated new tastes and flavors into our kids’ diets from a very early age, which helped to develop their palates and prevented them from becoming picky eaters. We don’t buy junk food and give them options of fresh fruit, yogurt, raw almonds, or dried whole grain cereals for snack time.”

Cat Cora
Posted January 25, 2016

“When I was growing up in Mississippi it was good Southern food, but I also grew up with a Greek family. When other kids were eating fried okra, we were eating steamed artichokes. So I think it played a big part in my healthy cooking.”

Cat Cora
Posted September 23, 2015

“I think people are more savvy about cooking, food and dining. I notice they are looking for more value for their money not in larger portions but more in terms of healthier, fresh, farm-to-table dishes with a nice presentation.”

Cat Cora
Posted September 6, 2014

“I like to abide by the seasons and let the natural flavor in food speak for itself. I use quick cooking techniques of high heat with very little fat, such as quick saute or wok stir-frying.”

Cat Cora
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