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This is a collection of quotes about food from Joel Robuchon.

Posted January 12, 2020

“Taste is developed by the diversity of the products one can sample. I think our children today may be missing an education about food. We must teach them to know their cuisine and to know the equilibrium of nourishment. That is very important for health.”

Joel Robuchon
Posted November 25, 2018

“I am very honored for all the distinctions and accolades, but what I am most sensitive to is my clientele and the fact they are pleased with my food and my restaurants.”

Joel Robuchon
Posted October 13, 2018

“The simpler the food, the harder it is to prepare it well. You want to truly taste what it is you’re eating. So that goes back to the trend of fine ingredients. It’s very Japanese: Preparing good ingredients very simply, without distractions from the flavor of the ingredient itself.”

Joel Robuchon
Posted December 14, 2017

“I like a well-roasted rotisserie chicken and eggs cooked various ways, like sunny-side up or scrambled. It’s comfort food for me.”

Joel Robuchon
Posted October 13, 2017

“Southeast Asia food uses many different types of spices which are quite new to me, like the curry leaves which I saw at the Kreta Ayer wet market in Chinatown. With such spices used in cooking, this usually imparts a strong aroma to Southeast Asian food, which appeals to the senses.”

Joel Robuchon
Posted October 25, 2016

“A few years ago, kids from poor areas in France were asked to draw items of food. For a chicken, they drew a drumstick. For a fish, they drew a fish stick. Those are extremes, but there is a lot that needs to be done to help children discover good food.”

Joel Robuchon
Posted July 14, 2015

“We the chefs have a responsibility to learn about the chemical makeup of food!”

Joel Robuchon
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