Jose Andres Quotes Archive

This is a collection of quotes about food from Jose Andres.

Posted October 2, 2022

“In 2010, I created World Central Kitchen as a way to try and help find solutions to many of the food issues we face.”

Jose Andres
Posted April 20, 2020

“Chefs are at the end of a long chain of individuals who work hard to feed people. Farmers, beekeepers, bakers, scientists, fishermen, grocers, we are all part of that chain, all food people, all dedicated to feeding the world.”

Jose Andres
Posted October 30, 2017

“To me, what I’m interested in, in the end, is the meaning of food in our lives.”

Jose Andres
Posted May 13, 2017

“I realized very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to other places, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Jose Andres
Posted March 14, 2017

“As a chef and father, it kills me that children are fed processed foods, fast food clones, foods loaded with preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup.”

Jose Andres
Posted July 25, 2014

“I love to talk about cooking and recipes, but I love as much talking about how food and cooking can change the world.”

Jose Andres
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